ER5 Customer Feedback - isoassured / alphaZ customers

At isoassured we are committed to the continual improvement of our service - please let us know if you were satisfied with the products / services we have provided by clicking on the 'Send Feedback' link below.

Customer Feedback

Click the 'Send Feedback' button below to open our customer feedback form to send us feedback.


About the ER5 Customer Feedback Register - isoassured consultancy and aZ clients may be familiar with the ER5 Customer Feedback register which we supply in the form of an excel spreadsheet for logging and analysing feedback collected using the F-Q12 Customer Questionnaire template form - this is an online version of these documents where any feedback submitted is automatically added to a web-based feedback register.

The above 'Send Feedback' link leads to a form (Issue Collector) and submitted content is automatically added to a specific Customer Feedback project where it can be reviewed and processed. The questions and content of the form is controlled within the software and does not require any web design / html knowledge to update. This system is setup using our aZ-control online management system which is available to isoassured clients and utilises Jira software which is free to use (up to 10 users). If you would like a similar system setup for your company please get in touch!